Betway in Ireland

Betting is incredibly popular in Ireland. With the population of less than 5,000,000 persons, the state has gambling revenues exceeding a billion euros, and one-third of this sum comes from bookmakers. If talking about the funds that are involved in the gaming industry in general, we will get almost six billion euros, which is an incredible figure for such a tiny country.

The most popular game to play and bet is the lottery: a half of the country's adult population buy lottery tickets - this is an impressive and admirable example of doing business. The Irish people usually bet on football, cricket, rugby, canine, and horse racing. Since 2015, bookmakers have been legally allowed to accept online bets along with the offline ones. Moreover, the Irish authorities have nothing against foreign bookmakers, although they have to obtain a license like local bookmakers. Such a positive situation in the gambling industry predicts the growth of this sector more than twice in the next two to three years!

A lot of betting offices are born on such a fertile soil. We want to familiarize you with several of them on this website and would like to start with Betway.

About Betway in Ireland

The bookmaker office Betway is a European organization that is included in the group of companies named «Carmen Media Group Ltd». The year of its birth is 2002. The headquarters was decided to establish on Malta, and Betway is under its jurisdiction now.

This bookmaker cannot be met in the list of the leaders of the European and international bookmaker market but it is not an outsider or looser at all. Some can say that it is totally average; however, the experts would rather say that this is an example of the middle ground. This is a good office, which operates legally, basing on a prestigious license, so your rights as a player will be safe and sound there, if you decide to contend with this website.

The unbiased statistics says that Great Britain (49%), Germany, Norway, and India (5-8%) are the main traffics sources of Betway. It is remarkable that this office has a long list of states whose citizens are prohibited to use the services that are offered on its website, such as the US, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Poland, France, Cuba, South Africa. In other words, this is a bookmaker that is focused on certain countries.

Along with the other similar bookmakers, Betway offers to play online casino, poker, bingo, etc. Note that its casino is literally online, as the dealers are real and there is a live translation in the website showing any tiny detail from the room where the dealers operate. As a result, we have an ordinary casino but you can play this without even standing up! One can argue that this is just a substitute that replaces the real feeling of playing casino. We can only answer that the people who have no possibility to visit a real casino but a passionate desire to play, finally have their wish to come true - just a bit of imagination needed to feel that risky and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Betway's line has a huge variety of bets, which is perfect for players of any level of experience. Additionally, you will be able to place a bet on 23 kinds of sports! The focus of this bookmaker is similar to the others' - it concentrates on football, soccer, hockey, basketball, and tennis. The whole range of the sports that are available to bet is listed on the website. Luckily it does not mean that the worldly-wise players will find nothing to please the souls. There is a wide range of quite unusual events for stakes, such as choosing the winners of different TV shows, musical competitions, and the results of political parties' electoral campaigns.

The sponsorship of Betway in Ireland is notable too. "We're in it for the love of the game" - says the strong slogan on their main page that was designed to introduce their contribution to the sport. The bookmaker supports Ninjas in pajamas, West Ham United, Queen Mother Champion Chase, Betway UK Snooker Championship, Grand National Festival, and ESL Pro League, and this is not the whole list.

Getting Started on Betway in Ireland

Surprisingly, Betway has the whole algorithm that helps a newcomer to create an account, unlike the other similar websites. It is very pleasant detail, as you are able to see all the details, demands, and rights that usually attack you during the registration process.

To become a full-fledged customer of Betway, to need to create a new account. Click the "Sign up" button and follow the simple instructions. Do this attentively, please, to avoid personal problems with a new entering the website. You will note your full name, correct date of birth and place of residence, provide an active e-mail address and current home/mobile phone number (as the Support team will contact you via one of these means), and, finally, protect your Account by a password. Additionally, you have to provide your valid identification document with a photography for Betway to verify your personality properly (driver's license or identity card will be accepted).

Forget about multiple accounts - they are prohibited here! If the members of your family also have the access to your PC, please, make everything possible for your Account to be far from the third parties (you can use filtering companies).

After the registration, you will be able to set up your personal preferences. "Settings" button will transfer you to the needed page. There you can choose the odds format (they will be displayed either as fractions or decimals, depending on your choice); language (there are fifteen!); time zone and date and time formats. As you can see, everything on Betway is aimed at your total comfort.

However, if you want to change some parts of your personal information, you should contact the Support Team (i.e. speak to the Live Chat Agents that are there for you 24/7 or send an e-mail).

It is important to note your full real address! Betway cares about your safety and tries to minimize the risk of money laundering, improper or illegal use of credit cards, and just problems during communication.

If you have not entered your Account for 12 months' period, you will lose this Account and will be charged €5. Of course, the Support Team will contact you before charging.

When we crawled around the website, our attention was attracted by a Diagnostic Screen for Gambling Disorders. This is one of the most unique things to be met on a bookmaker's website! This is a table with questions, allowing you to test yourself or to another one for any gaming addictions. Try to check yourself in future! We hope that you will find out that your mental health is totally good.

Betting on Betway in Ireland

The minimal stake on Betway is €0,1. The maximum sum that is allowed to be used for betting is unique for any kind of sport, bet type, and a certain event, so read the terms and conditions for each betting case carefully to save your money and nerves - it is only your responsibility. Remember that odds, lines, and handicaps are changeable and become fixed only at the time of bet acceptance.

If you have placed a bet before an event and this event was postponed for more than 24 hours - your bet will be void. However, be attentive when reading the rules! Baseball games do not fall under this rule and all the stakes that were made before a baseball match will be void as soon as the postponement is confirmed! There are a lot of such rules, so be careful and remember that the Devil is in details, and it can easily steal your funds unless you prevent him with your wit and honest attitude to the bookmaker. If you are a new person in the world of game predictions - try some of the demo games, this is totally free and will familiarize you with any type of betting process.

By the way, the maximum winning sum should not exceed €100.000 per bet, any kind of sport has its own limitations. The list of the limitations can be found on the website.

Deposit and Withdrawal on Betway in Ireland

There are a lot of available currencies on the website - the euro, the Norwegian krone, the Swedish krona, the pound sterling, the American and Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, Polish zloty, Czech Crowns. The minimum sum that can be used for deposit is about €9. Deposits are instant.

Withdrawals are available at any time - you can get your money when you want. Remember that if you were granted a bonus without depositing, Betway in Ireland may limit your withdrawal to the sum of €50. Withdrawals are processed during 2-7 days.

Betway is not only a stable bookmaker; it has a lot of dedicated followers, famous supporters, and it is already one of the influential companies. Isn't it a company to trust and allow to take care of your luck?