Top 10 betting sites in Kenya

Who doesn’t love sport? We all do. If you love sport just like we do and if you wanna earn some good money on it, try betting! It’s simple, it doesn’t need all your money (you can start with 1,000 Kenyan shillings or $10), and it can really be profitable.

However, to make decent money you need a decent betting website. We’ve compared 10 best betting websites in Kenya — just choose the one you like most and start winning money right here and right now!

1xBet — one of the best betting sites in Kenya!

Have you heard anything about 1xBet? It’s one of the biggest betting websites in the world, but it began its work in Kenya in 2018 only. Now it has lots of good reviews and thousands of clients who’ve already won good money — which means it’s time for you to join these happy people!

Why 1xBet? Because of four reasons: support service, payment processing, bonuses and odds. The support service works 24/7 here and has only positive feedbacks — so you can be sure that even if you have a problem, they’ll fix it. The payment processing is quite fast, the withdrawals are fast, too (1-2 days), so you won’t have to wait for a long time to get your money. As for the bonuses, well, let’s be more detailed here.

They offer a very interesting and generous deposit bonus — 200% of the first player’s deposit. In other words, when you place a 10,000 Shilling deposit (about $100), you get another $100 as bonus money. Of course, the wagering requirements are quite high, though.

The odds are quite high, too especially compared to the majority of other betting companies, available in Kenya. And of course, the assortment of the sport events you can place a bet on is just huge! However, the live betting feature is not so good here — there are some websites that offer much better live betting, so if you are looking for it, we recommend to read this whole text. We’ve got something for you, too!

SportPesa — great example of new betting companies in Kenya

While 1xBet is an old company that has broken into the Kenyan market in 2018, SportPesa is simply a new company. But it’s worth your attention, too.

SportPesa covers a lot of major and minor leagues, so when it comes to sports betting, the assortment is very, very wide here. You can choose among more than 120 international leagues and cups, so even if you prefer something really rare, here you’ll find anything you need.

However, SportPesa is focused on soccer. They are the sponsors of some European soccer clubs, they cover a lot of soccer leagues and if you are into football, you’ve come to the right place, 100%. The odds are great — only 4.3% for football matches, and it’s really a decent result. The promotions are fine, too. For instance, SportPesa offers a $10 welcome bonus for all the new customers, and it sounds fine, especially with their low wagering requirements. It’s really possible to cash the bonus money out, that’s what we’re talking about.

As for the withdrawing your funds, you can use your credit/debit card, Skrill or Neteller. Seems like they don’t withdraw to Paypal accounts, and it can be a problem for some people, of course. However, it seems like it’s the only problem of this betting site, so don’t miss it.

BetPawa — a decent site in this list of betting sites in Kenya

BetPawa is a very simple betting website, and that’s why we like it here. It was created by one of the Kenyan bettors, and even if it’s not too popular nowadays, it’s still good. Especially for the newcomers (but the pro bettors would find something interesting here, too).

The number of sport markets isn’t too big at BetPawa. Still, this website covers all the most popular sports and sport leagues, so if you aren’t looking for something very rare, BetPawa would work well for you. Soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, rugby, boxing, cricket — they have all this stuff.

The bonuses are quite interesting here. When you register at BetPawa, you get a free bet bonus — usually it’s 25 Shillings, but sometimes they give 50 KES, so don’t miss a chance! Of course, it’s not the most generous bonus in the world, but they give it for free and this means something. It’s basically one of the few betting sites in Kenya with such bonus!

Their live betting feature is quite interesting, too. It’s easy to use, it’s simple and it’s very fast so you can react to the match events very fast. The thing is, when it comes to live betting, the faster you are, the more money you can win — and BetPawa gives you such opportunity. Great website, that’s what we can say. However, it’s not so perfect for the professional bettors.

Betin — check the best betting sites in Kenya out!

Betin isn’t one of those new betting sites — it was established in 2010 and gained much popularity in Kenya during these years. That’s why we are sure you’ve already heard about it, but still, let’s see why it’s so cool.

Unlike many sites on this list, Betin is also a casino. They offer hundreds of slot machines, table games and other casino games, but their sports betting section is quite interesting, too.

They have more than 20 sport markets and lots of betting options, which is, of course, not the best result, but it’s still fine. According to our experience, the absolute majority of bettors place their bets on the most popular sports and leagues, so you will not be disappointed.

The odds are GREAT here. When it comes to the risks, you just won’t find anything better than this website, while their bonuses are quite average. Deposit bonus for new players, that’s all.

We also like the cash-out feature — it means that you can both place bets and cancel them up to the 90th minute of the football match! That’s what we call reducing the risks for the bettor, 100%.

SportyBet — even more sports betting sites here

What we can say about SportyBet is that it’s a good betting website with big assortment of sport markets, cash-out feature, free deposits and even virtual betting. Kenya (we don’t know why) betting websites don’t offer the customers placing bets on virtual games, that’s why we’ve pointed this feature out.

The first thing we’d like to say here isn’t about the features of this betting site but about its ambassador. You’ve definitely heard about Nwankwo Kanu, right? He played in Inter and Arsenal, he was the star of the whole Africa and he deserves this title. Now he is the ambassador of SportyBet, and this makes this bet site reputable and trustworthy, even if it doesn’t have a long history and thousands of feedbacks yet. You don’t think Kanu will lie to the sports fans, right?

The choice isn’t very wide here, however. Soccer, basketball, tennis, other popular sports, virtual sports — it’s not like all those top bet sites with thousands of betting markets. Yet, the number of the betting options is quite big.

What we don’t like here is that there is no mobile betting and that they don’t offer as many sport betting markets as some of their competitors. Well, we are sure they’ll solve these problems soon.

Betway — one of those international top betting sites

Betway is an international betting website. It’s very reputable, has thousands of positive feedbacks, and, well, it’s one of those top companies you can rely on. Let’s talk about it in the context of sports betting.

You’ve probably heard about those scandals in 2012-2013, when Betway had a lot of complaints and when betting reviews portals added it to their blacklists. But you shouldn’t worry about it now — in 2018, Betway became one of the most trustworthy bet sites and solved their problems.

Now Betway offers a very wide assortment of markets and options, live betting (it’s one of the best live betting sites in Kenya, it’s no exaggeration) and great promotions. Of course, everything is fine with the support team and with the withdrawing options in Betway, too.

As for the promotions, well, a lot can be said here. They offer special bonuses for football bettors (weekly free bets and no goal promotion), for NBA bettors (if the last score was a 3-point goal but your team loses, you’ll get your money back) and for those who place bets on Indian Wells Masters. Of course, that’s not all — there are hundreds of markets at Betway so you’ll 100% find what you are looking for.

Oh, and it’s a casino, btw — it means that you can not just place bets in Betway but also play slots or table games (they have hundreds of them).

Betolimp — if you are looking for new betting sites in Kenya

Competitive and quite good odds, many betting selections, live betting, easy to use website — Betolimp is worth playing.

Just like Betway, this website isn’t just for bettors — gamblers would also find something great here. Betolimp offers hundreds of casino games by Microgaming and 30 sports (and even more betting options). There are more than 1200 football markets here — quite impressive, right?

The withdrawal and deposit options are quite standard in Betolimp. Credit cards, e-wallets, Neteller, Skrill, Sofort, even bank transfer are available.

The welcome bonus is not average — you can get up to $100 free bet bonus, but before this you’ll have to place a bet at odds 2 or higher to get the bonus. Well, it’s still amazing.

Kwikbet — one of Kenya’s trustworthy online betting sites

We’ve added Kwikbet because you can trust this website. It’s extremely simple and doesn’t offer thousands of betting markets, but you still shouldn’t miss it.

Well, actually, there are only 5 sports here. Basketball, tennis, boxing, soccer and rugby — but even if it seems like that’s not enough, think about it twice. Lots of bettors only place bets on these sports, and if you’re one of them, you won’t be disappointed here.

The minimum bet is only 30 Shillings — it’s only $0.3, so you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to start winning. Perfect choice for beginners!

Well, let’s be honest. Despite Kwikbet is quite good, there are some problems with this website. Poor design, no live betting and very little bonuses — it’s not the best choice for the professionals. However, it’s quite simple and if you are a newcomer to betting, you can try Kwikbet — there’s every chance you can win here!

Dafabet — one of those betting websites with high odds

Dafabet’s sportsbook is truly impressive. They have hundreds of betting markets, and it’s not only real sport — virtual sports like CS:GO, LoL and Dota 2 are here, too. Established in 2004, now this betting website has a very good reputation — with Dafabet, you don’t have to worry that something will happen to your money.

The support team work just as needed — but be careful, because their live chat is available for those players who’ve already deposited money. Well, that’s quite usual — when you play at free sports betting sites, you should either pay or don’t use live chat support.

Btw, they offer interesting bonuses. Welcome bonus (150% of your first deposit, 15x w.g.), referral bonuses, MLB and NBA cashback (when you bet on NBA or on MLB, you can get cashback in certain circumstances) — you’ll like the promos in Dafabet, we know this.

Bet365 — Africa number one betting site

Two good news: Bet365 is one of the world’s best casino&betting websites and Bet365 is legal in Kenya (and in Africa in general).

It’s just a perfect casino — hundreds of slot machines and table games, fast withdrawals, perfectly optimized website, and lots of bonuses speak for themselves. However, it’s also perfect as a betting site — we literally believe that it’s the #1 African bet site. Let’s see.

The in-play feature is truly the best here. High quality live streaming only makes it better, so you can change your bets when it’s needed. The number of global sports is… well, it’s just very large. The assortment of betting options is amazing, too.

If you still haven’t chosen a betting website, you’ve just found the perfect choice: Bet365 would never disappoint you. Guaranteed!