SportPesa — one of the best betting sites in Kenya

SportPesa is one of the most popular bookmakers in Africa and in Kenya particularly. It was created in 2014, so it's only four years old now - and now it can boast of having great reputation, plenty of markets, good odds, and many other advantages. Basically, it's one of the best betting sites in Kenya (and deservedly so) - so, taking into account the high numbers of bettors in this country, we just couldn't get past it.

Let's talk about SportPesa - here you'll read everything about this bet portal. We've sorted all the information out in order to provide all the necessary facts to you. Read and decide whether it's worth your attention or not (spoiler: it definitely is!).

What about the license? Is SportPesa legal and safe enough for Kenyan players?

It's like the very first thing you should google before signing up and depositing your money. If a casino or a betting site isn't licensed properly, if it has certain safety problems or lots of unsolved complaints, well, it makes sense that you'd better stay away. It's quite logical.

However, SportPesa doesn't have such problems, so you shouldn't worry about your money when you are here. It's licensed by BCLB, and it stands for Betting Control and Licensing Board - it's a Kenyan regulatory organ which issues the licenses to the betting companies, bookmakers, casinos, etc. Your rights are protected by the Kenyan laws and by the Gaming Act of this country - and of course, every website licensed by BCLB is 100% safe.

As for legal side of the question, well, if the casino is licensed by the Kenyan regulatory organ, it's 100% legal in this country. Just like in all African countries, so if you are not from Kenya, it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, European players are allowed to play here, too.

Talking about safety, there are two main things you have to check: SSL and 128-bit encryption. SportPesa, just like all the top betting companies, uses an SSL certificate on its website, which means it's a high-level encryption and you don't have to worry about your personal or financial information. The same is about 128-bit encryption - it's one of the best security methods used nowadays, so all your data is encrypted very well here. No leaks, no problems. It's a safe and absolutely legal betting website.

Betting markets. Is the selection wide here? Does SportPesa offer enough markets and options?

Lots of categories, lots of markets - SportPesa definitely offers a very good selection of betting markets to the players. And it's great.

Basically, the assortment of markets is one of the best among the betting websites, popular in Africa. Of course, all the most popular sports are here (like football, soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, etc.), and there are dozens of leagues covered. If you are a soccer bettor, you will have the best choice (seriously, it looks like they try to cover all the existing football leagues!).

We can safely say that you will find something for your taste even if you prefer not so popular sports or not so popular leagues/cups. They have everything, and the choice is... impressive. You should try by yourself.

Cool features like in-play betting or live streaming

The very first thing we'd like to talk about here is that SportPesa allows you to place both single bets and multibets. Let's see what's the difference and why is it really an advantage of this betting site.

So, you can place multi or single bets. Multibet is when you choose more than one bet (well it's logical) - you choose up to twenty (!) different teams and place bets on them. The odds are very, very high here, so basically, the chances to win are quite low - but the good news is, if all your bets win, you get very good money. This option is quite risky, but the prizes are extremely generous, so lots of people love it.

However, if you aren't one of those risky guys who love high odds, single bets would work perfectly for you. Single bet is actually a traditional bet - you choose the match and place a bet, that's all. The odds are much lower here, but the chances to win are much higher - and even if at least one of your single bets has won, you get your money. That's another difference from multi bets - when you place multis, they all must win in order to bring you money.

When it comes to live betting, well, we have both good and bad news here. The bad news is: SportPesa doesn't offer a live streaming, so you can't watch the game you've placed a bet on in good quality. The good news is: this betting website offers an in-play (live) betting, and it's one of the best betting companies in Kenya that offer such feature.

You can place bets on the events that are going right now and watch how the event is going on - remember that we've said that the number of betting markets is very high? Well, we can say the same about the number of the in-play events available in SportPesa. You'll find something here, we are sure that you will.

Bonuses and promotions - are they really generous here?

Unfortunately, they are not. Bonuses definitely don't look like the strongest side of SportPesa - and well, it's quite sad. Let's talk about it and start with the first deposit bonus.

The new customer bonus is quite interesting, though. You register, place a £10 deposit and get £10 for free betting - the turnover requirements are very low so this bonus is really cashable, unlike the bonuses of lots of other online betting sites.

And that's all. Frankly, we were a little bit disappointed with the bonuses of SportPesa - they only offer a small welcome bonus, but that's not how it should work in 2018. No other promotions or bonuses are available here.

Deposit and withdrawal options

If you are from any country in the world, you'll be happy with the selection of deposit methods. However, the things aren't as bright for Kenyan players.

The thing is, you can place a deposit in SportPesa with your credit/debit card or with e-wallets (like Paypal) - but you can't use M-PESA for these purposes. It's quite sad, too, because Kenyan bettors love this money transfer service. Well, you'll have to use your cards or e-wallets instead.

The withdrawal options are very equal to the deposit methods. You can cash your winnings out to your Paypal or Skrill account, as well as to your credit or debit card.

What we like here is that the withdrawing process is quite fast here - you'll get your money in 24 hours or so.

Please, note: if you use Safaricom network operator to place a deposit, you can withdraw your money via M-PESA. This fact means that SportPesa is 100% comfortable for the Kenyan players and bettors. Great result!  

Website interface and mobile version. Is it comfortable to play with your mobile phone?

We like the website very much. SportPesa has created a perfect bright website, which is very, very comfortable to use at the same time. They used simple HTML instead of Flash - so now the website is simple, fast and very interactive.

It's also very user-friendly. Quick links to the most important pages, minimalistic yet very useful column, all this stuff - we like SportPesa website and we are sure you'll like it, too.

Another factor we've taken into consideration is the mobile version of the site. You know, the majority of people use smartphones and tablets to visit their favorite websites, so we just couldn't ignore it.

And they are great at it, too. Their website is optimized for mobile devices perfectly, and it doesn't matter what device you use - SportPesa would work well both on old Android phones and on new iPhones. It's very easy to use and user friendly, so if you prefer mobile betting, well, it's definitely a good choice for you.

Support team. Is it good and do they really help?

It's another important factor we just can't miss while writing a review. Support specialists are people who help you if you have certain problems or questions - and that's why they have to be real professionals.

The customer support is perfect in SportPesa, that's what we want to say here. You can both call and write them, and you can also contact their Live Chat - it's available 24/7 and they speak good English, so basically, they will solve all your problems if you have any.

You can also follow their pages in FB and Twitter and write in this social networks, so there are lots of ways to connect with their support team. It's the highest possible level of customer support, and it's a real advantage of SportPesa.

Conclusion. Is it recommended to play in SportPesa in 2018?

In short words: yes. We highly recommend SportPesa to all Kenyan, African and world bettors - they cover hundreds of sport markets, they have one of the best in-play betting features, their mobile website is extremely easy to use and the customer service is just perfect here. It's a very good betting portal and you simply can't miss it if you are looking for something good.

However, like all the betting sites, SportPesa has certain problems. They don't have lots of interesting bonuses, and the live streaming service isn't available here - but well, these problems don't look like something serious. Again, we highly recommend SportPesa to all players - so don't wait and try it right now!