Kwikbet in Kenya

Kwikbet is one of those betting websites, focused on African customers. It was established in 2016 in Kenya, so it's relatively a new online bookmaker. Just like all the other bookmakers, Kwikbet has both strong and weak sides - and here we'll tell you about all its advantages and disadvantages. Read this full Kwikbet review in order to understand if it's worth your time and money!

Kwikbet website and its mobile version

We'll start with the website of this betting portal. It's a very important factor you have to pay attention to - because if the website isn't comfortable and easy to use, it can spoil your betting experience. That's not what you are looking for, right?

And here we have no good news. Kwikbet website is just ok - it's very simple, but minimalism isn't a very good thing in this case. This website has too much free space, there are certain problems with icons (like the icon of the FAQ section), and it's just NOT informative at all - so well, it's not the strongest side of this bookmaker. However, it isn't a serious problem, and thousands of Kwikbet fans don't care about these little problems with the website. The advantage of such simplicity is that this website works really very fast and the pages load very quickly, so you won't have any problems with it.

The mobile version of this website is ok, too. It looks just as the PC version and, well, it's comfortable to use it - but it's not too informative, too. What we're trying to say here is that Kwikbet website may be not the best bookmaker's website in the world, but it's still fine and you should still try it.

Registration on Kwikbet

The registration process is very simple at Kwikbet - you just click the "Join now" button, enter your mobile phone and your password, then click the "Register" button, that's all. After that you'll have to receive SMS with a verification code to complete the registration. Then you just enter your login and password and voila - it's done!  

Deposit and withdrawal options

Deposit and withdrawal options are another important factors when it comes to the Kenyan players. When you place a deposit, you want the process to be easy and fast, right?

As we've said, Kwikbet is focused on African customers, and here we see why it's really cool. The thing is, along with all the other usual deposit and withdrawal options like debit or credit cards and e-wallets, Kwikbet offers its clients to place deposits via M-Pesa mobile financing service and via Airtel money (another mobile digital wallet). M-Pesa is very popular in Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania, and that's why it's really cool that Kwikbet included this deposit method.

The withdrawals and deposits are also quite fast and even instant, especially if you prefer digital wallets instead of bank transfers or credit cards.

You can make a deposit in international currencies, like in US dollars, or in Kenyan Shillings (KSH) - again, as we've just said, it's a perfect African-focused bookmaker and it's just another proof of this statement.

Special&cool features

We'd love to talk about some top features like HD quality live streaming service, but unfortunately, they don't have them here in Kwikbet. However, they offer an amazing in-play betting section, so let's talk about it.

Basically, the in-play feature in Kwikbet is one of the best among all the betting sites in Kenya. The coverage is just great - you will definitely find something here, but of course, if you prefer the most popular sports like American football, soccer and tennis, you'll have higher chances to find an in-play event.

The in-play section is very simple here, actually, but it's quite good - so if you like changing your bets during the match, you should try Kwikbet.

Another interesting feature is that they offer Asian Handicap - it's not extremely popular among African bettors, but if you are interested in it, you can use it as your football betting strategy.

Bonuses and promotions

When it comes to the bonuses, the most popular betting companies in Kenya don't usually offer lots of them. Fortunately, Kwikbet stands out from the crowd here.

They offer three bonuses: a sign-up bonus, a multiple bet bonus and a referral bonus. Let's talk about each of them in order to make it clear.

The sign-up bonus is quite interesting here (yet it's not too huge). When you place the very first deposit at Kwikbet, you get up to 350 KES free betting bonuses - it's something like $3.5, and despite this amount doesn't look very generous, their low wagering requirements make it much more interesting. You can easily multiply your money and cash it out!

The multiple bet bonus is fine, too. It's more like a bonus boost, and it can help you to earn more if you prefer multibets. The thing is, Kwikbet give you a chance to win 135% more when it comes to multiple bets - for example, when you place 1000 KES on multibets and all these bets win, you will get 1000+1000+350 - 2350 KES! Other bookmakers will give you only 1000 KES for such win, so the choice is quite clear - if you prefer multibets, you've come to the right place and Kwikbet is definitely for you. However, you shouldn't forget that multiple bets usually have quite high odds - but if it doesn't scare you, visit a website and start making good money right now!

The referral bonus is quite usual in Kwikbet. You invite your friends, they fund their accounts (2 days or 48 hours at the latest), you get your 50 KES - it's only $0.5, but the more new clients you invite, the more you will get!

Another great thing is their Jackpots. You'll have to predict 9, 10 or 11 matches results in order to win a Jackpot, and it's really great.

Safety and licenses. Is Kwikbet safe and legal in Kenya?

The licenses are very important for every betting website. All in all, we send our money to them, and no one would like to lose this money, right? That's why the bookmaker must be licensed well.

Kwikbet is licensed by BCLB - it's the Betting Control and Licensing Board, the regulator that controls and regulates the gaming and betting markets in Kenya. It's one of the most trustworthy and reputable gaming regulators in Africa, and it protects the players' rights just as needed.

When you place bets at Kwikbet, you are fully protected by the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act - it means that your money and personal information will definitely not be stolen. That's basically all you have to know.

As for the technical side of the safety, well, we are not sure if the Kwikbet website is 100% protected. The problem is: all the top bookmaker websites are protected with 128-bit SSL encryption - this technology makes betting experience as safe as possible. We, just like all the other reviewers, didn't find any information about the SSL certificate at this website, only about the HTTPS certificate - but we hope that it's our mistake, not theirs.

Betting markets and betting options. Is the choice wide here?

The amount of betting markets is definitely one of those strong sides of Kwikbet. However, it's still fine. Everything is very simple here, and we really like it.

We've noticed that Kwikbet is focused on soccer betting. You can choose among 15 countries and 2 international leagues (like World Cup or club leagues like UEFA Champions League and Europa League). Want to bet on a club from the 2nd Norway Division or on Brazilian Serie D? That's not a problem at all.

You can also choose other popular sport to place a bet on. Basketball, boxing, rugby, tennis - despite the selection isn't the widest here, you can still find something interesting. The coverage is not the best, but good.

Customer support

A customer support service is very important for every bettor. When you have problems, it makes sense that you need these problems to be solved as soon as possible, right?

And here is a little issue. The thing is, Kwikbet doesn't have a live chat - you can only call them or write an email. Many bookmakers have such problems, but we are sure that it's unacceptable to not offer a live chat service in 2018. Do you agree?

Conclusion. Is Kwikbet worth your attention?

Kwikbet is definitely recommended because of its strong sides. You can pay with M-Pesa, there are lots of soccer and other betting markets here and some bonuses are really interesting.

However, there are certain problems and some of them are really serious. Poor customer support service, an unclear situation with the website protection, problems with the website - we are not sure what to say here. Your best bet would be to register and to try - you most likely will not have any problems with Kwikbet, so it's worth your attention and time.