Betin in Kenya (Review and Experience)

Betin was founded in 2010 and has since been on the gambling market with its website. Thus, the bookmaker office, licensed in Curacao, is one of the younger representatives of this ever-expanding industry in Kenya.

Although the Betin website was introduced only in the World Wide Web since 2010, this does not mean that this bet portal is a newcomer. Rather, is a "group of specialists with a lot of experience in gambling", as they write on their website in the "About Us" section. Some people in this group used to work with other providers of bets and are considered the industry pioneers of online gambling. In addition to sport and live betting, Betin also offers a wide range of casino and entertainment games and a comprehensive offer of the poker games. Let's take a closer look.

Betin Website

On the Betin website you see blue and white primary colors as well as the blue or black font. Therefore, the page creates a vivid and friendly impression, the contrast between the font and the background provides good readability, although the font size is a little small.

The Betin website is available in nine different languages. In addition to English, German and Italian, the web portal can also be used in Greek, Turkish, Serbian, Albanian, Bulgarian and Romanian.

The time it takes to download a website is reasonable and provides a fairly smooth navigation. Entering a search query, you can display topics that are relevant to this context.

However, the location of individual elements on the page sometimes takes up a lot of space and is therefore not very convenient. In addition, the screen width is not fully exploited. It usually needs to be scrolled far down to see the content you want. In addition to readability and navigation, the content of the web portal is crucial. In addition to offering bets, which is discussed in detail in the next section, the information on the website is important.

Here Betin reveals some shortcomings. Thus, a number of payment providers are listed at the bottom of the screen, of which only one part can be used for customers' bets. Although Betin points out that "the operator strives to ensure the accuracy of all information", they add in the next sentence that "information should be understood only as a guide". In this case, however, there is no orientation for the client's bets, it is rather misleading. Therefore, all relevant information is best read in the "Terms and Conditions" of the provider.

Betin doesn't have a special mobile app. But punters still have the opportunity to bet from a smartphone and tablet. Betin adapts its website for mobile devices, which is very convenient for betting anytime and anywhere.

Betting Program

As for most other betting companies in Kenya, football is the number one sport for Betin. Depending on the season, Betin provides about 20 sports on its website. Five of them are listed in a separate category under "Topsport". These five best sports include soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, and handball.

As a rule, in the winter months, the interest in ice hockey is growing, and the offer of tennis bets in this period is reduced. Betin also allows punters from Kenya to bet on the competitions in biathlon, ski jumping or alpine skiing in his category of winter sports.

Of course, there are a lot of offers for betting on football starting from the European top leagues in Germany, England and Spain to the games from smaller leagues in Europe from Azerbaijan to Wales. Almost all these leagues also offer long-term bets on the respective champions. Many well-known competitive betting sites in Kenya don't have this.

Betin also has a special system of the bets. In addition to classic three-way stakes, for all games an extensive package of additional betting options is available. Although this additional program is a little more generous with higher leagues than with competitions from smaller football countries, the scale difference is not as great as that of many competitors.

Finally, Betin is not limited to sports betting in its betting program. Depending on their relevance, "Other" also offers bets on other topics, such as politics or the entertainment industry.

In addition to a very attractive bet level, Betin offers the possibility of live bets with a diverse and extensive program. The offer varies from football matches and tennis tournaments to other sports competitions, such as basketball, volleyball or hockey.

As with betting before the match, Betin also offers a large number of different additional bets for each live event. For example, you can place a bet on a team that scores the next goal or a team that scores more goals in the remaining time.

To be honest, Betin conditions can not compete with the offers of leading suppliers in this field, such as Bet365 or Bwin. This applies primarily to the information provided to the client about current events.

Betin odds & lines

In terms of odds Betin is somewhat less impressive than as to the betting program. With coefficients of about 95 percent in the best games, a bookmaker can compete with most competitors, but it can't play a significant role in this.

Due to the fact that some of the best players in the games of the top leagues sometimes reach a level of up to 98 percent, Betin can rarely resort to better odds compared to the largest betting providers. But this free betting portal still provides attractive and high odds.

In the case of real-time betting, the level of odds falls somewhat, but rarely drops below 90 percent. However, in the best games, such as the club world championship, the chances can reach more than 94 percent.

Signing up & creating an account

To be able to bet on the resource, the user must have an account. An invitation to sign up is posted on the website - an orange button with the inscription "Register now". After clicking on it, the corresponding registration form opens.

There, you need to enter personal information such as your name, address, date of birth and e-mail address. The latter is necessary for communication with the bookmaker. In addition, Betin also expects the specification of the mobile number. You also need to create a password and it is recommended to come up with a "protective question" in case you forget the password. Finally, it is necessary to confirm that the new client is of legal age and accepts the general conditions. However, do read all the conditions before that. Although there are little interesting content and a lot of complex legal formulations, this section also contains a lot of important information about the process of the betting process.

If everything was done correctly, the registration is done by clicking on the green "Register" button. If not all fields are filled correctly, an error message appears in the corresponding field. If all information is entered correctly, the registration will be carried out immediately. From now on you can deposit your first deposit and place a bet.

Deposit & withdrawal of funds

After successfully creating a bet account, the first deposit can be placed on it. The most positive fact is that Betin processes all deposits and withdrawals free of charge.

The Betin range of different payment options for Kenya is very limited. Although the bookmaker offers several payment options on its website, including VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, Postepay and bank transfer, many of them are not always available.

A look at the terms makes it clear that the most profitable option for deposit and withdrawals is bank transfer, Neteller and Ecocard. This means Betin clients will go without payments through PayPal, which is becoming more popular with many bookmakers.

The payment option also determines how quickly money will be sent to the account. For Neteller and Ecocard, the translation will be immediate. Other ways are expected to take several working days before the money goes to the bank account. Note the total maximum transfer limit is $20,000 per day. In addition, Betin usually pays profit in the deposit way.

Betin does not take a commission for withdrawing funds. But this transaction also takes a few working days (at least two). This is due to the fact that bookmakers are required to check the identity of the client rates before the first payment.

Promotions & Bonus offer

Betin offers bonuses for new customers. As a rule, for bettors from Kenya, it makes a bonus of 100 percent of the deposit up to a maximum amount of $100. The minimum deposit amount is $10.

However, the terms of the Betin bonuses are based on a complex system, which is not easy to see at first glance. It is about reaching a certain number of target points. The amount of the bonus depends on the odds of the corresponding bet.

One of the advantages of this is that there is no predetermined minimum quota, as most other bookmakers usually provide. However, in the case of lower odds, it is necessary to make more bets to achieve the target bonus.

First, the rules for obtaining a bonus seem very complicated, but in fact they are not. The bookmaker sets a minimum quota of 2.0. Bets with odds up to 1.49 will be credited to 25 percent. Odds range from 1.50 to 1.99 and 75%. This structure is very positive, because the customer is not forced to bet with a quota of 2.0.


When reviewing Betin for Kenya, we focused on different aspects of its work. This bookmaker has a high level of trust - it's reliable and legal.

Despite on its small shortcomings such as limited options for payments, absence of the mobile app, it provides really favorable conditions for sport betting and all these shortcomings are compensated.

Offering high odds, attractive bonus system and the colourful and convenient website, this bookmaker is on a par with leading Kenyan betting sites. Betin is oriented on providing its customers with the best gambling services in the region.