Betway in Kenya

Betway is a very popular betting company and it's quite logical - there are lots of advantages and interesting features here. Basically, it's on the list of the most known and popular betting sites in Kenya, and that's why we just couldn't ignore Betway.

Interesting thing is, there are very few problems in Betway. It looks like a perfect (well, almost perfect) bookmaker and casino - but we've decided to go deeper and to tell you everything about it. That's why we've analyzed all the factors, read dozens of reviews and tried Betway by ourselves in order to describe as many details as possible - and now we are ready to present this full review to our readers. Let's go!

Betway website, mobile version and registration process

The very first thing you see when you google any bookmaker is its website. That's why we've decided to talk about it in the first place.

Their website is really cool. Black, modern design, very understandable and intuitive sections, simple interface - it's very difficult to create a simple intuitive website, but Betway did their best here. We like the interface, the simplicity, the design and the comfortable user interface of the Betway website, and we are sure you'll like all this stuff, too. The design is good, the navigation is clean and simple, and the color scheme is fine in Betway.

However, it's not about the PC version only, of course. We all live in the late 2010s and use smartphones every single day - it's simple, it's very comfortable and we all do it. Mobile betting is extremely popular now, too, and that's exactly why it seems that we have to talk about the mobile version of the Betway website now.

Well, we can't say anything bad here. Betway has a mobile application for both Android and iOS smartphones - and it's really amazing. It's very comfortable and simple app, with very low requirements (modern version of the operating system). Not too modern, of course - Android 4.0 would be enough.

If you don't want to download the app, you can play online and just visit Betway website with your smartphone. This website is mobile responsive and it's optimized well for mobile devices, so you'll have no problems with it even without their app.

We also like the registration process in Betway. It's extremely simple and fast, and all you need is your login, password, name, surname and mobile phone. Then you'll receive one text in order to confirm your registration, and basically, that's all. Of course, after that you'll also have to enter your financial data in order to place deposits and withdraw your winnings (but we'll talk about it later).

Betway, Kenya. Is it 100% safe and legal?

Is the bookmaker safe? It's probably the first question you have to ask before signing up and placing a deposit. It's logical, because if the bookmaker isn't safe, you just can't be sure that your money won't be stolen - and if there's a chance that you'll lose your money, it would be wise to choose any other bookmaker. That's why we pay particular attention to the safety factor.

Betway is licensed by Malta and United Kingdom. Basically, the Maltese location of Betway means that this bookmaker holds licenses from lots of governments, and it means that this website is 100% safe and fair. It's impossible to get the license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission if a casino or bookmaker has even small problems with safety and fairness, so that's definitely not the question you have to worry about. Betway is safe, that's all you have to know. Oh, and another good thing here is that the games are tested regularly by eCOGRA certification body, which means all of them are fair - we are talking about casino games here, but well, it's still important. It's another proof that the players are protected.

Betway is legal in the majority of countries, however, some countries, like Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the United States are in the restricted list. South African Republic is included in this list, too, so the players from this country will have to use VPN/proxy or choose any other bookmaker. Kenyan and other African players and bettors don't have such problems.

The technical side is also important when we are talking about the safety. Betway use SSL encryption on their website and this technology protects all the financial transactions and information you send to the bookmaker. Don't worry about all this safety stuff with Betway, that's what we are trying to say.

Betway reputation and background. What do people say about it and is everything ok?

Well, here we have a little problem. We usually don't talk about the reputation of bookmakers here, but Betway is an exception. Why?

Betway was created in 2006, it became extremely popular in the early 2010s - and in 2013, they had serious problems with their reputation. Top sport review websites gave them the lowest scores possible, and it was very well-deserved. The thing is, they didn't work well - they got lots of unsolved complaints, negative reviews, poor bonuses, they denied the payouts and offered very strange bonus terms. In those days, Betway could offer one of the worst betting experience at the market - and that's why lots of us thought that they would never go through it.

But today, in 2018, we are extremely happy that we were wrong 5 years ago. Today, there are no unresolved complaints from the customers, and there are no negative reviews from the clients or Betway (well, there are a few, but all the popular sites have them). All the problems are solved quickly now, and the grades are now much closer to B than to D, like in 2013 - and we don't see any reasons to stay away from Betway now. Their reputation is clear, and despite their past isn't the best in the world, their today's actions are much more important.

Betting markets and odds in Betway. Is the choice wide?

The selection of betting markets is definitely a strong side of this bookmaker. Just think - they offer more than 12,000 markets! We are sure that every bettor will find something for him here, because Betway offers literally all sports. From American football to beach soccer, from fishing to Gaelic football, from judo to pool - you will not be disappointed, we are sure. Just like every other betting site, Betway is focused on European sports, but if you prefer Asian or American sports, it's still a good place for betting.

Of course, Betway also offers an eSports section. Starcraft, World of Tanks, Hearthstone, LoL, and of course CS:GO/Dota 2 are available here. Betway covers lots of the championships and eSports leagues, not only the major ones. Actually, their selection of eSports is one of the best and if you like betting on your favorite CS:GO team, Betway is one of the best places for you.

Talking about the betting options, well, there are lots of them here, too. You can choose among dozens of different options for every match - thus, when you place a bet on LoL, you can choose among 10 of them, from the match winner to the first blood and maps handicap! Of course, all the other sports are covered very well, too.

Basically, here you can find everything for every betting strategy. Do you prefer low odds and high amounts or high odds and small bets? Do you like backing the underdog in Asian handicap or you'd better win on multibets with their Lucky 15/31/63 bonuses? Betway offers really good conditions for all types of players, and your gaming strategy doesn't really matter.

Promotions and bonuses in Betway, Kenya

Betway isn't just a bookmaker, it's also an amazing casino, and that's why there are lots of interesting bonuses both for those who place bets and for those who prefer casino games. Betway has interesting casino welcome bonus (up to $1,000), poker, bingo and referral bonuses - but when it comes to the sportsbook bonuses, we have some bad news for the players from Kenya.

They just don't offer a welcome bonus to the players from this country. The players from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada can get up to £50 as a match bonus and a free betting bonus - but the bettors from other countries are not eligible for it. That's why bonuses are not the strong side of Betway if you are from Kenya - and that's why it's not the best place for you if you are looking for some generous welcome bonuses or other promotions. However, they have some special promotions for all players, like NBA in-play special and No-goal special.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

There are lots of deposit and withdrawal methods in Betway. You can place a deposit using Visa/Mastercard/Maestro cards, dozens of ewallets (PayPal, Neteller, ecoPayz, etc.) and with your bank account, too. Unfortunately, you can't deposit or withdraw with such popular payment systems as M-Pesa (it's extremely popular in Kenya, for instance) - it's not a very serious problem, but some people will be uncomfortable with this fact.

When you win in Betway, you can withdraw to all the options listed above (except Maestro credit/debit card) - withdrawals are fast here and there are usually no problems with them.

Conclusion. Should you try betting in Betway?

All in all, Betway is one of the best betting companies in Kenya. With thousands of betting markets, amazing support team, cool in-play betting feature and lots of withdrawing methods, this bookmaker slowly becomes the leader in this country.

They had two problems in the past: there were certain problems with reputation and they ignored African players (we mean the absence of bonuses for African players and that they ignore M-Pesa, for example). However, they have fixed the first problem and now their reputation is really good - and we hope that they'll fix the second problem in the nearest future. African players deserve to play in Betway and to enjoy their bonuses, that's what we think.

It's recommended to play here, with no doubts. Try Betway right now!