Dafabet in Kenya

Kenya is now the betting leader in African states. This can be a weird thing, as a lot of people suppose that Africa is only a developing continent if talking about the economic side. However, it does not prevent certain groups of Africans from betting - and surprisingly well and successful betting. Kenya has so high playing rates that the Kenya government imposed certain taxes on the bookmakers the previous year: they obliged the bookmakers pay not only current taxes on annual dividends and operating profit but also on actual income. A group of gambling operators appealed to the African government with the asking to assess adequately the contribution that bookmakers make to the development of sports in the state, and not impose additional taxes on them.

These actions from the side of Kenya's administration did not kill gambling. There are still a huge variety of websites, where you can play and win. One of those websites is Dafabet. Today we will talk about it and explain to you, why this is the first place to trust with your money.

About Dafabet in Kenya

Dafabet is one of the most attractive sites that you have ever seen. The very first visit to this magical place that is full of risks, ups and downs, emotions, and thrilling waiting impresses in a second because the long list of football clubs it collaborates with can leave no one indifferent. Unlike the other similar websites, Dafabet in Kenya even looks reliable with its bright and bold design: you enter its main page and get excited what this place can offer to you, forgetting about worries and fears that you can feel being on any other betting site. No surprise that there are so many followers, who still stay there, in spite of the fact that in Kenya there are plenty of betting platforms.

But that was all lyrics.

Now let's attack the actual facts. The design is just a part, a pleasant one, but still. The major thing that makes the visitors place the bets lies in its long presence on the market - they survived for ten years. This period is quite impressive, as even ordinary businesses cannot make ends meet with dignity, not even talking about any triumphs. Moreover, Dafabet takes an active part in sponsoring some of the famous clubs like Celtic, Blackburn; it is an official partner of Everton; it holds the tournaments on billiards (snooker); and, finally, it even has the official - Alan Shearer.

Additionally, the variety of sports that are presented there is incredible - there are 23 types of games you can place a bet on; however, the majority of them is seasonal and we have noticed 9 active ones at the time of reviewing the website. The active types included football, tennis, rugby, volleyball, cricket, snooker, darts, basketball, and golf. Besides, you can play even poker, casino, board games, slot machines.

The mobile version of Dafabet in Kenya is also user-friendly, and its intuitive nature lets the players get started quickly. Like the other betting places, this website focuses on football. There you can find European cups, international tournaments, Asian competitions, and the championship of England.

Opportunity to choose from many, well-built control, positions are updated at lightning speed, and bets are accepted without delay - a player cannot ask for more!

Now you know enough to execute a portrait of Dafabet and choose whether you want to play there or not. If you give the positive answer - we will dig in the details below.

Gaming on Dafabet in Kenya

You should know that only the registered customers can use the Dafabet services, so, first of all, you should make an account there. This is a simple procedure that demands only some of your documents to properly identify a player if there are any issues. After registration and getting the status of a "Registered Customer" you can set your own limits you will play within. Only the sum that you have set in your personal page will be used for betting, so if a bet exceeds that sum, it will be recognized as void.

Important! If you live in a country with the gambling and gaming restrictions and try to cheat the system in any way, Dafabet will exclude you from the list of the Registered Customers and will ban your account.

Then, if you want to play on Dafabet in Kenya, you should remember that one of your obligations will be to log into your Account in any twelve-month period to maintain your Account active. You do not need to play if you do not want to or cannot do this - the administration of the office cares of your time and money allowing you stay their client and devoted player for years without demanding to make the discounts. However, if you did not visit Dafabet for more than twelve months, your Account will be closed, with your balance and claims against the website forfeited. The system will be reviewed annually, and if the site team notices that you are inactive, they will contact you through telephone, e-mail or writing letter to ask whether you want to continue playing. If the contact is not established within 12 months after you being identified inactive, you will lose any funds that are on your Account (they will be used for a nominated charity held by the organization).

About bets.

Your bet will be void if it is not transmitted in full - even if there are technical problems with the website. The bets that are paid by a credit or debit card will be accepted and become valid only with the money transaction be fulfilled. You are not allowed to cancel or change your bet that is placed correctly and in full, and all of your bets will be recorded by the system. If you change your mind, please, contact the support team to cancel a bet before the transmission is recognized as executed or at least before the event occurs. The inconvenience here is that the bookmaker does not give out the event in advance, but shows them only 1-2 days before the start of the match, so watch your bets carefully to keep your money safe.

If there are any issues that you want to clarify - the administration will eagerly contact with you to resolve a dispute 24/7. Remember that any of your dialogues with the Customer Support can be recorded.

Deposit and Withdrawal on Dafabet in Kenya

12 currencies are available for an account. Deposit and withdrawal can be performed with the help of credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard), and such services as:

  1. GoCash88. This online banking gives you the minimum limit of $50 and maximum of $50.000. The processing is instant. All the major banks cooperate with this service. The available currencies include MYR.
  2. Zoom Payment. The minimum limit is $30; the maximum is $25.000. Instant processing. All major banks. Includes MYR currency.
  3. Local Bank Transfer. The minimum limit is $30; the maximum is $10.000. Processing takes place within 5 minutes. You can use online and offline deposit methods. All major banks.
  4. Cubits. The minimum limit is $10; the maximum is $25.000. This is the platform that works with Bitcoin.
  5. Skrill and credit cards. The minimum limit is $15; the maximum is $100.000. Instant processing, all major banks.
  6. Neteller and EcoPays. The minimum limit is $15, the maximum is $50.000 and $1.000 respectively. It includes all major and international banks. You should create a Real Money account and select the preferred currency for deposit and withdrawal. Note, that no the third-party transactions are allowed! All the actions made through credit card or e-wallet will be performed only if the two accounts - on Dafabet in Kenya and on a credit card/e-wallet - are the same. You can observe the processing of your transactions on your personal page. The withdrawals are considered "pending" until the moment Dafabet ends its processing.

The repaying of the outstanding balance will be performed through the method of payment that you have chosen during the registration, if any. Otherwise, the bookmaker chooses the method that is reasonable and convenient. As you can notice, almost all the transactions are made instantly, so be attentive and careful when placing your bets.

Reviews about this organization are generally positive, so you can advise you to try it lucky lovers of sports. It offers honest and secure gaming environment, constant analysis of the system, plus safety for all the transactions within the website. Play and win with comfort on Dafabet in Kenya!