SaharaBet in Nigeria

SaharaBet is one of the leading sports betting sites in Nigeria. This sportsbook company was founded in 2010 and acts under the bookmaker's license of Nigeria. SaharaBet is found in the top rates of the most popular bookmakers in Nigeria. This legal website, located in Germany, offers sports betting with more than 13 kinds of sports but football is in the priority. SaharaBet also supports 9 languages and accepts payments in Nigerian Naira. The customer support is always available to help the players and solve their minor difficulties in a quick, positive, and efficient way.

SaharaBet Features

SaharaBet is specialized primarily in providing online soccer betting opportunities and services to the Nigerian market. The company purpose is to develop the business through delivering to the players the best bookmaking experience and the most efficient and inventive betting options to enhance interest to the sports, especially to the European football. The website is highly recommended for fans of either Nigerian football league or any other soccer league both on the continent and abroad.

The website has many modern features to make it a reliable world-class sports betting platform, comparable to the most popular bookmakers in the world. In the beginning, newbies can experience some difficulties to understand all points. With time and patience, the players get used to this website and discover many benefits and promotions here.

The website always offers the most competitive and high odds to its users. Here, all actions can be made within minutes and winning sums are credited automatically to the players' accounts. The bettors can be sure in winning more if they make their bets on

SaharaBet features the most competent advisory service for sports betting among other bookmakers. It gives an opportunity to its users to receive sporting tips from sports experts. The company considers betting more as a financial investment in sports for getting profits than a gambling activity. Players can win or lose their money, so they are recommended to pay respect to the opinion of some professional tipsters in order to begin winning money. Such tips are grounded in statistical analysis, existing odds, and professional conclusions. Also, the website has two useful sections - Top 12 Games and Special Events.

All necessary information can be found for free in the User Guide section. In addition, the players can order a special soccer betting e-manual to increase chances to win. This will allow getting profit from the best odds. This e-manual costs 2,500 Naira. Comparing to cash benefits from the strategies and recommendations indicated in this e-manual, such a fee does not seem big. Also, registered players can order a professional assistance on the website. It is a useful opportunity to have recommendations via the mobile phone or e-mail box on sure events to make bets, and to receive daily information on the probability of soccer matches outcomes. It is to note that the free trials are not provided since most of the players who order professional tips for free do not intend to pay for these tips later.

A new feature from SaharaBet is called Bet Booking. This feature enables customers to select their competitions before coming to the company offices to confirm their bets. This service reduces the time needful for placing bets and thereby makes the lines in the offices shorter.

Placing the Bet with SaharaBet

To start betting on sports, the players have to make few simple steps. First, they have to find, register on it, and create a free account on the website. This account must be replenished by depositing money into any of designated bank accounts. SaharaBet offers the First Bank accounts to players in order to make funding of their accounts easier and more convenient. For more information, click the Add Funds button. The accounts of both Ecobank and Diamond Bank are still advisable for funding.

Then, SaharaBet credits the account with the amount deposited. Using this money, bets can be made. Winnings are credited to this account automatically. The withdrawals to the designated bank account are possible anytime upon the player's decision by clicking the Withdraw Funds button.

When the funds are in the account, the user can view sports events to select the matches for betting. The national teams are listed first. The time on the website is the local Nigerian time. Bets are accepted before the game starts. Every event has specific odds associated with the three possible results - 1 (home win), 2 (away win) or X (draw). These odds indicate the potential winnings if the bets are successful. Bettors can select one of these three outcomes. In SaharaBet, players do not need to guess the exact score of the match. The more unpredictable is the result, the higher are the odds. At the same time, the more the outcome is clear, the lower are the odds. The potential winning award is calculated by multiplication of the amount staked with the odds.

The type of the bet can be selected in the lower part of the page. Both single and combined bets are possible. The single bet is placed on only one event. The combined bet is associated with the prediction of the outcomes in more than one match at the same time. If even one sports event in the combined bet is guessed wrong, the whole bet is failed. The combined bet can be placed on matches from different leagues. The odds of a combined bet present the sum of the odds of all of the matches in the bet. Then, the player should indicate the amount for each of the single or combined bets and press the Proceed button. If any event in a combined bet is cancelled, the whole bet is no more valid and all bets placed return to the player's accounts. The click on the Place Bet button confirms the bet successfully placed. The Bet History section shows the previous bets. The Live Scores section at the top displays the results of the matches played.

All bets are accepted according to the list of matches with the odds and winning factors settled by the company. The odds can be changed by SaharaBet officers before the beginning of the match. Every bet already placed is kept with the odds at the time when it was placed. Before making a bet, players should estimate the prevailing odds.

Deposit and Withdrawal on Saharabet

SaharaBet guarantees that deposits and withdrawals will take as little time as possible. The minimum possible bet is 100 Naira and the maximum one is as much as 50,000 Naira. The accepted payment methods are Neteller, Skrill or Moneybookers, and Bitcoin. However, it is advised to fund accounts with less than 500 Naira using the instant payout service which can be found on the website. The users first have to fill in the form before making the bank deposit.

For faster and easier funding of the player account, it is recommended to use the username for making cash deposits or withdrawals. In this case, the users do not need to send any request to the SaharaBet team because the account will be funded with no delay. If the account is not funded within 30 minutes, the player should send a request or message to the customer support. After getting an acceptance message, the bets cannot be changed or canceled. All failures in connection can not be a reason for canceling the bets if these bets were already registered on the website.

Due to the extra charges per transfer, enacted by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the actual minimum withdrawal amount is increased to 2,000 Naira and the maximum allowed amount is 200,000 Naira for one withdrawal. The procedure of withdrawal with SaharaBet is one of the fastest known in the betting industry. It can take up to 6 hours except for the late night orders which are normally paid next morning.

To avoid any fraud, the withdrawals are paid into an account with a different name from the name stated during registration. So, the players must provide the correct personal details when registering.

SaharaBet Referral Program

The SaharaBet referral program is a special option to reward active players who attract other users to make bets on sports with SaharaBet. Registered players can earn bonuses and commissions by referring new customers to SaharaBet. For that, the new users have to enter the username of referrer when they register. For getting more details, click the Referrals button at the top. Every new user is allowed to provide the referrer's name at the registration. If there is no referrer, it is recommended to use "saharabet" as the referrer.

A referrer gets a bonus of 10% of his referrals' first deposits. This amount is not taken from the deposit amount of the player. It is paid by SaharaBet Company. In addition, when a new user wins, a bonus of 5% of his winning amount is paid to the referrer's account. Also, SaharaBet is ready to send promo materials like banners, flyers, and stickers to active players for referral purposes.

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