Betting World in South Africa

Betting World is one of the most popular betting sites in South Africa. The secret of success is simple - this bookmaker has a big online offering that attracts professional bettors as well as the beginners. Furthermore, although this platform has already become one of the leaders on the market, it doesn't stop working on its services and updating its offerings. Of course, it can hardly be compared to the betting giants of the Western world; however, the team of the company offers the high-quality products, a simple and straightforward website, relatively high odds, and, of course, provides the punters with an opportunity to bet online. It should be emphasized that Betting World is the legal bookmaker that operates according to the rules of the Gauteng Gambling Board and National Responsible Gambling Program.

The Official Website and Registration on Betting World in South Africa

The Official Website and Registration on Betting World in South Africa

If you have ever visited the websites of American or European bookmakers, you'll definitely notice that Betting World differs a lot from them. It's much simpler, and we're not sure if this is the advantage or disadvantage. On the one hand, it's perfect for the beginners who start exploring the world of bets, but on the other hand, an experienced punter sees that the choice of sports is limited and that there's no casino, slot machines and other products that are usually presented on the larger platforms. Still, the site is quite easy to navigate - there are no unnecessary details, and a visitor can find the section he or she needs without any efforts. There is nothing super-stylish but the website wins due to its simplicity. Honestly speaking, the bookmaker's offer matters more than the design of the platform.


The registration is also simple just like these five steps:

  1. Click on "My Account" and then choose the "Register";
  2. Fill in the form (enter your first name, last name, ID number), confirm registration by following the confirmation link sent to your email;
  3. Then choose the account type, enter the bank account name and number;
  4. Save the changes;
  5. Instruction will be sent to the email of the customer. You just need to follow the instructions and the account will be activated.
    After this simple procedure, a client will need to enter his or her login and the password - that's all, everything's ready for betting online.

Betting World also has the mobile application, and you can download it in Play Market or in App Store. It's easy-to-operate and recommended by many users.

Products offered by Betting World in South Africa

Products offered by Betting World in South Africa

The range of sports is not the company's strong suit, but it offers the high odds for horse racing, football, and other sports that are included in this list.

On this website, a punter can bet on:

  1. Football (soccer);
  2. Basketball;
  3. Cricket;
  4. Golf;
  5. Horse Racing;
  6. Motorsport;
  7. Rugby
  8. Tennis.
    Apparently, this service lacks the markets and depth, but it's really perfect for those who are looking for a site with high odds or a platform that provides fantastic horse racing and football betting experience. Thus, if you want to bet and win (even without bonuses), you should definitely give Betting World a chance.


How to Deposit and Withdraw Money on Betting World in South Africa

The money can be sent (it works as for deposits as or withdrawals) through the following banks: ABSA, First National Bank, Nedbank, and Standard Bank. Money can't be sent to anyone except for the owner of the account, i.e. a client can't withdraw money to his or her a relative's or a friend's account. The transaction usually takes up to 24 hours. Important! The company can claim money back if any mistake was made.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Support on Betting World in South Africa

It should be noticed that Betting World doesn't offer any promotions or special bonuses. There is no free betting, sign-up offer or referral bonus. There is a chance that they had some actions in the past, but the company probably changed its policy. Although this is an obvious disadvantage for the bettors, the service compensates it with the competitive odds, safety, and the high quality of support team's work. The call center works well, but there is no live chat, and that also may be a reason to choose another betting platform; however, the experienced bettors know that these services are minor, while the winnings are everything that matter. So if you are looking for one of the best betting companies in South Africa and don't really care about the special offers, choose Betting World. If the promotions and loyalty program is one of your first priorities, you'd better bet on another site.