Free Slots

When we hear the word "casino", we imagine a room with a lot of gaming tables, roulettes and, finally, slot machines. But what are the slot machines in the online casino?

We often talk about popular online casinos for South African players that we can trust. But we didn't talk about slots games these casinos provide. In fact, there are more than a hundred types of free casino slots. A free slot is a game in which to win the main prize you need only luck and mathematical calculation. Every day dozens of companies and hundreds of programmers work out and optimize the slot machines, improve the graphics and release new versions. It makes you dizzy! How not to get lost in this variety of free casino games and choose the most suitable option? Let's deal with it.


Secrets of the free slots' popularity

All gamblers are fascinated to have an opportunity to play free online casino slots. A few decades ago, we couldn't even dream of such a thing. But now everyone who likes risk is able to play for free day and night. Online casinos don't close on weekends and don't take lunch breaks. There is no need to look for a gaming club on the street because it's very simple to relax and to play online without leaving your own home or office.

Companies that develop free slot games regularly replenish their collections, trying to satisfy a demanding audience. For what reason some free slots take the lead and become popular? After all, there're a huge number of manufacturers who regularly release all new models of free online slots. Nevertheless, only the best of them can take place in the hearts of users.

The secret of their popularity lies in a thrilling game. As a rule, they have catchy plots, realistic graphics, high-quality audio support, and easy gameplay management. All these external parameters create the first - which is very important - impression. Visit the casino website for the first time and don't know what to choose? Click on the "best games" or "popular" section. There you'll surely find what you're looking for.

Wanna know more about the variety of free slots? Let's dwell a bit on this.


Types of free slots - what are they?

All slots are similar to each other in terms of the game, but their characteristics are quite different. All slots are created based on the very first one-armed bandits. But the development of technology has added various options to them. Therefore, today free casino slots differ in functionality, number of lines, optimizing for PC, bonus games, etc.


Classic slots and video slots

Classical devices have only three reels, as the first one-armed bandits. They use already classic images: fruits, lucky 7s, bar. Basically, they have only one active line, but more modern slots can have up to five lines.

Video slots are more functional and modern. They can use various pictures that correspond to the idea chosen by the manufacturer. Games are accompanied by music and even animation. There are bonus rounds as well. Video slots may have more than twenty lines in such slots. Obviously, in this case, the chances of winning are much higher.

Also, there is a video poker slot machine, in fact, the same video slot. The only difference is that you have to play any card game, (as a rule, poker, that is clear from the name) instead of folding combinations. This game is based not only on the theory of chances, like video slots. Here you also need to collect the most advantageous combination. But in this game, your choice is important. This casino game is less profitable, as it may entail a little more losses. Playing video poker, you'll need to make your own decision, based on the calculation and your own skills.

number of reels

The number of reels

3 reels: these are mostly classic free slots that remind us of one-armed bandits. The game principle here is the same as in real first devices.

5 reels: this is the most common group. Slots are thematic and have a variety of subjects. Most manufacturers add bonus rounds to them.

7 reels: there is a small number of symbols and there are no bonus games and special pictures. But the manufacturers claim, these free slots provide the best conditions for the win.

9 reels: they look like 3-reel slots, but they have several slots with symbols appeared on the screen, which spin independently. Pay lines can also be vertical. There are bonuses and progressive payments.


Bonuses and progressive jackpots

Free casino slot games with bonus rounds are the most interesting ones, as they allow you to can get high cash prizes. In particular, users can play free slot machine games with free spins or additional rounds. Basically, to open bonus rounds, a player needs to collect three specific symbols on the reels. Playing on such devices is more exciting and interesting. Bonuses allow you to win more.

There is such a thing as a jackpot. This is a prize fund with a maximum amount of winnings. The goal of any player is to hit this jackpot, but the higher the bet, the less chance of winning.


Which free slot to choose?

Did the new video slots succeed in overshadowing the popularity of traditional slots? No. In comparison with the more modern multi-line video slot machines, any classic slot gives increased chances for the return of invested money. In truth, traditional slot models provide larger payouts and profitable rates. On average, the minimum rate for multi-line video slots is 20%, and the payout for a "normal" winning combination is only 0.04 dollars. In this regard, the progressive slots are obviously behind their supposedly outdated counterparts. In addition, all sorts of bonuses, free spins, and other promotions are not a reason to talk about profitability. It often happens that the player never waits for free spins, leaving the casino slot disappointed.

Which free slot to choose is up to you. All players look for different things in slots: someone likes free spins with win multiplication and generous bonus games, even if they rarely turn out. Others play just for fun, enjoying graphics and music. Some guys prefer small but frequent wins. Start with the slot that you like the most and during the game you'll understand what features are important for you.

Also, pay attention to the reliability of casinos and developers. The best companies developing casino software are Real Time Gaming, NetEnt, Rival, Playtech, Novomatic, Microgaming. You can be sure they use fair game algorithms and random number generators.

Keep in mind that not only the choice of free slot is important. You need to choose a gaming platform that is convenient for South Africa. Check withdrawal methods and currency used (it is desirable to make deposits in ZAR).

The game in demo mode

Most online casinos allow their customers to play for free in demo mode. Demo mode requires no download, no registration, and no deposits. Of course, you won't receive any payments. However, this is a great opportunity to test a free slot, as well as to understand how it works and whether to expect a win from it.

After the demo version, users gain the necessary experience, confidence, patience, learn to use different tactics of the game and keep calm in all situations. Those, who try their hand at a free game, have a better chance of success. The learning process will allow to make forehanded bets in the real game.


How to win in free slots?

One does not simply win a really large amount of money. Theoretically possible, but this will require an incredible winning streak.

What are you playing for? If for trying to make money, this is one thing, a game just for fun is something else. In the second case, no special slot win strategy is required. If the player understands that he pays for entertainment, that's ok. It's like buying a ticket to the zoo or amusement park. But if you want to win all the time, you need a strategy to follow.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing an online slot is the payout percentage or the expected payoff. This is a certain part of the total amount of bets in the slot, which will surely be returned to players in the form of winnings. The higher this indicator, the better. The payout percentage for each online slot is different: the most generous free slots offer 95-98% payout, but there are models with an indicator below 90%.

The second thing is the high dispersion. This means that there is a chance to earn a lot in one spin - for example, 500 bets. There is a simple and effective way to determine the dispersion. If the maximum payout rate doesn't exceed the rate limit of 5000 times, the slot has low dispersion, up to x10,000 indicates an average dispersion, above x10,000 is a sign of high dispersion.

Third, choose popular free slots that are used in large and well-known casinos.

Free slots: how much to bet?

Most often you need to put on a minimum. In modern slots there is no link to max bet, i.e. when playing at any bet, the free slots work in the same way. But keep in mind to play on all lines. This is the only way to use all scatters and bonuses.

You can play at the same bet all the time. But it is actually quite boring as well as not perfect in terms of bankroll management. Ideally, you need to reduce the bet with significant losses. This way you can save your bankroll much longer.

All of this is just a basis that can be expanded by your own tasks, thoughts, observations, and rules. One important thing: never risk being afraid of losing. This rule is followed in all spheres related to risk, especially in gambling.

Basically, that's all. Enjoy your game and stay lucky!